Found that the logs burned very quickly I am considering purchasing the broadest. – Please tell us how satisfied you are with us overall?

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28 Nov 16 Add public reply

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    Hi James

    Our logs do burn bright which is why many people buy them but I have wo solutions to offer.
    Briquettes are slower burning while still giving a lot of heat but do not have such a bright flame. I use briquettes in the bottom of the fire and logs on top to get the best of both worlds but many customers buy only briquettes if they ar burning all day long.

    Nets differ in the thickness of logs and it is best to use the thinner logs to get the fire going, then add either one very heavy log or two or three medium logs with the cut faces placed together to reduce the amount of air reaching their surfaces. As our logs are particularly dry they need less airflow to burn efficiently.
    Hope this helps

    Brian Stephenson

    Brian Stephenson –