Ordered full pallet of briquettes and sample pack of birchwood logs and briquettes. Pallet arrived first ( as usual no advance notification of delivery from Oban express). Pallet of briquettes all ok and am pleased with burning quality. Sample pack had to call about and was delivered later. The briquettes are a good product at what is likely a reasonable price these days. Do think that delivery could be improved, as can't understand why they can't be delivered direct from Helensburgh to Dunoon, rather than the roundabout route via Oban. – Please tell us how satisfied you are with us overall?

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01 Dec 13 Add public reply

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    Hi Paul

    I do prefer to make deliveries to the Cowal Peninsula myself but in your case it was a very busy week and rather than delay I sent it by Oban Express. They should have contacted you before delivery and have been reminded of this.
    As I explained on the telephone I was trying to find a way of sending you more logs in your sample pack as you had no need for more briquettes.
    Hope all is now well and you enjoyed the logs.

    Best regards
    Brian Stephenson

    Brian Stephenson –